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English Definition
  1. weak: wanting in physical strength "a weak pillar" Antonym: strong
  2. watery, washy, weak: overly diluted; thin and insipid "washy coffee", "watery milk", "weak tea"
  3. unaccented, light, weak: (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable", "a weak stress on the second syllable"
  4. fallible, frail, imperfect, weak: wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings "I'm only a fallible human", "frail humanity"
  5. weak: tending downward in price "a weak market for oil stocks"
  6. weak: deficient or lacking in some skill "he's weak in spelling"
  7. decrepit, debile, feeble, infirm, rickety, sapless, weak, weakly: lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality "a feeble old woman", "her body looked sapless"
  8. weak: (used of verbs) having standard (or regular) inflection
  9. weak: not having authority, political strength, or governing power "a weak president"
  10. faint, weak: deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc "a faint outline", "the wan sun cast faint shadows", "the faint light of a distant candle", "weak colors", "a faint hissing sound", "a faint aroma", "a weak pulse"
  11. weak: likely to fail under stress or pressure "the weak link in the chain"
  12. weak: deficient in intelligence or mental power "a weak mind"
Chinese bó ruò, chán, chuò, cuì ruò, dàn, níng, ruò, ruǎn ruò, shuāi, shuāi ruò, tān ruǎn, wēi ruò, xū, xū ruò, yǔ, 儜, 婥, 嬬, 孱, 寙, 弱, 微弱, 淡, 癱軟, 窳, 脆弱, 薄弱, 虛弱, 衰, 衰弱, 軟弱, 儜, 婥, 嬬, 孱, 寙, 弱, 微弱, 淡, 瘫软, 窳, 脆弱, 薄弱, 虚弱, 衰, 衰弱, 软弱
Dutch bezwijmen, bezwijming, breekbaar, broos, flauw vallen, flauwte, fragiel, gebrekkig, licht, lichtjes, onmacht, verminkt, zwak, zwakjes, zwijm, bewusteloos raken
German schwach
Greek αδύναμος
Indonesian lemah
Italian debole
Japanese bijaku, chikarayowai, dajaku, hakujaku, hiyowa, hiyowai, kasuka, kihaku, nayonayo, rui, usui, yawa, yowai, うすい, かすか, きはく, だじゃく, ちからよわい, なよなよ, はくじゃく, ひよわ, ひよわい, びじゃく, やわ, よわい, るい, ひ弱, ひ弱い, 力弱い, 和, 希薄, 幽か, 弱, 弱い, 微か, 微弱, 懦弱, 柔, 稀薄, 羸, 薄い, 薄弱
Korean 약한
Latin dissolutus, fragilis, infirmus, consenesco
Malay lemah, longlai, daif
Norwegian svak
Polish słaby
Portuguese fraca
Serbian nemocan, slab, mlitav
Swahili dhaifu
Swedish svag