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English Definition
  1. lightly: without good reason "one cannot say such things lightly"
  2. lightly, light: with few burdens "experienced travellers travel light"
  3. lightly, softly, gently: with little weight or force "she kissed him lightly on the forehead"
  4. lightly: indulging with temperance "we eat lightly in the morning" Antonym: heavily
  5. lightly: with indifference or without dejection "he took it lightly"
  6. thinly, lightly: in a small quantity or extent "spread the margarine thinly over the meat", "apply paint lightly"
  7. lightly: to a slight degree "her speech is only lightly accented"
Not found. Request noted. Other translations below.Chinese qīng qīng, qīng yì, 輕易, 輕輕, 轻易, 轻轻
Dutch lichtjes, voorzichtig, zachtjes, zwak, zwakjes, licht
Japanesekarugaru, ussura, usura, うすら, うっすら, かるがる, 薄ら, 軽々, 軽軽
Latin leviter
Malaydgn tdk sungguh2